About Me

jayne rain

Hey hey.  I’m Jayne –the author, recipe developer and photographer here at   jayne-rain.com.


I am a wife and mother to two handsome boys. I’m also a food lover, a hobby photographer and a Certified RN.


You are very welcome and thanks for being HERE I hope to see you around more often.


I celebrate the joy of simple cooking by sharing easy, delicious, HEALTHY, and accessible RECIPES that use common ingredients.


If you don’t have hours to spend in your kitchen using expensive ingredients and special equipment, you are in the right place.  This is a place for people who love simple, delicious food.


Now as a working mum, the major hurdle to successfully feeding a family is time, or lack thereof. At the end of a long day the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours working in the kitchen.


I am a huge believer in meal planning; it takes a lot of stress off me to have a plan in place. I also rely heavily on doing my basic food prep well before dinner time.


Whether you’re new to Jayne-rain or have been around a while, I’m so happy you are here!


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